ModelMapper for simple mapping of objects


Today we will see how to implement a ModelMapper that allows us, for example, to transform an object with many properties into a smaller object with fewer properties. This transformation can be useful for example when we need leaner objects, perhaps in a list, or when we want to expose […]

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Tips: rest API POST content types

If we need to POST an object with validated field, we can send it from our FE (Angular, React, etc…) application with 2 main content types: JSON or “form encoded”.Pay attenction to not use the @RequestBody annotation if you want to send those datas in the second one type.The application […]

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Building with Apache Maven

Maven is an Open Source project made by Apache and today we will build with it. It is a very powerful tool in terms of code compilation and development team collaboration. The heart of a Maven project is the pom.xml configuration file. One of the most important features of Maven […]

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