Java 8 Lambda expressions and functional interfaces

Java 8 lambda expressions in functional interfaces

To talk about lambda functions and functional programming we must first talk about functional interfaces. A functional interface is an interface with one and only one abstract method. They have a special relationship with lambda expressions.From Java 8 we can find many functional interfaces in java.util.function package. A functional interface […]

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ModelMapper for simple mapping of objects


Today we will see how to implement a ModelMapper that allows us, for example, to transform an object with many properties into a smaller object with fewer properties. This transformation can be useful for example when we need leaner objects, perhaps in a list, or when we want to expose […]

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Java Streams

Java 8 streams

Java streams are sequences of data elements that can be processed with operations. Streams consist of 3 parts: a source, zero or more intermediate operations, and a terminal operation.In the meanwhile there is a data in pipe, another data is waiting its turn. For instance, for a data in terminal […]

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Java generic types

Generic Types

Let’s talk about the Java generic types. Most of the time, we add generics to make lists type-safe.We have pre-java 5 lists without generics that can get all known object’s types and when you get an object out of it we don’t know its type. When we use generics we […]

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