Launch WordPress in local with Docker Compose

If you are here you are bored of the classic WAMPP or XAMPP to launch your WordPress installation locally but you want to use the new technologies made available by Docker Compose and containers. It may often be necessary to make changes or updates to the WordPress installation but it […]

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Navigating the Rendering Realm: SSR vs SSG vs SPA vs MFE

Choosing the right approach for your Web App In today’s dynamic web development landscape, selecting the optimal rendering approach for your application is crucial. This article delves into four prominent contenders: Server-Side Rendering (SSR), Static Site Generation (SSG), Single-Page Applications (SPAs), and Micro Frontends (MFEs), exploring their individual strengths, weaknesses, […]

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Fix the HTTPD “Name or service not known” problem

Resolve error name or service not known

Once you have set up a new domain you will be faced with this error when starting the apache web server: All this even if the domain you have configured is apparently correct. The solution is located under one of the server configurations: In it, the new domain created to […]

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Question mark and query strings in Apache Rewrite Rules

The apache rewrite module is very useful for defining precise URLs according to our needs, hiding also what we don’t want to expose to the final user. The RewriteCond means “execute the next RewriteRule only if this is true”. An example can be a redirect in the case of image […]

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Simple operations with HTTPD

configuration and operations with Apache HTTPD

I want to show you today how to do little operations and configurations when you have to setup a new application on an Apache HTTPD installation.The following are classic daily operations that a system administrator does, which can be tricky if done once in a while. Configure a virtual host […]

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