ModelMapper for simple mapping of objects


Today we will see how to implement a ModelMapper that allows us, for example, to transform an object with many properties into a smaller object with fewer properties. This transformation can be useful for example when we need leaner objects, perhaps in a list, or when we want to expose only some properties of an object, leaving the others hidden in logic.

We have this 2 objects:

class FullDTO {
  long id;
  String title;
  String author;
  String email;
  String password;
  String webSite;
  int hiddenInformation;
  boolean isForAdmin;
  // assume getters and setters
class LightDTO {
  long id;
  String title;
  String author;
  // assume getters and setters

In the class that needs mapping we can create a mapping method and use it ( mapToLight() ):

import org.modelmapper.ModelMapper;

class UsingModelMapper {
  @Autowired private ModelMapper modelMapper;

  public LightDTO mapToLight(FullDTO fullDTO) {
    return, LightDTO.class);

Now we need a ModelMapper bean to be wired for statically import it in all our application.
To configure ModelMapper in the application:

import org.modelmapper.ModelMapper;

public class MyApplicationConfig implements WebMvcConfigurer {

  public ModelMapper modelMapper() {
    return new ModelMapper();

Let’s not forget to import the library we need. To install ModelMapper with Maven, we can say:


If you haven’t Spring Boot you can use it creating a new ModelMapper() object but prefear the first method:

ModelMapper modelMapper = new ModelMapper();

That’s all for now.
Try it at home!

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