SCSS/SASS include in Nuxt project

Sass include in Nuxt project.

Simple css styles are no longer enough when it comes to more complex projects.The linearity of the css is an obstacle compared to more complex structures, such as those provided for the compiled SCSS/SASS styles. To include custom scss in your project we can install sass-loader. The version of sass-loader needs to […]

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Bootstrap 5 coming soon

Bootstrap 5 is coming soon

It is finally about to arrive. I’ve been waiting for it almost always. I’m talking about the new version of the bootstrap graphics library (Bootstrap 5). One of my favorites is definitely the first. Removed JQuery The improvements of this new version will be aimed at making it “future-proof”, especially […]

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Styling select dropdowns with custom CSS and appearance

While the native <select> element offers functionality, its default css styling select appearance often falls short of design aspirations. This article empowers you to create beautiful and customizable select dropdowns using CSS and explores the potential (and limitations) of the appearance property. The native options: limitations and possibilities The default […]

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