Bootstrap 5 coming soon

Bootstrap 5 is coming soon

It is finally about to arrive. I’ve been waiting for it almost always. I’m talking about the new version of the bootstrap graphics library (Bootstrap 5). One of my favorites is definitely the first.

Removed JQuery

The improvements of this new version will be aimed at making it “future-proof”, especially through the removal of support for Internet Explorer and the removal of the use of JQuery.
Any longtime Front End Web developer has used the famous JQuery framework at least once but you have to realize that the times when Javascript was not usable are over and the framework in question has been overtaken for years now by various frameworks that rather compile or transpile the code (Angular, React, Svelte, etc.).

Removal of Internet Explorer support

Second big note of merit is the removal of the now very old Internet Explorer browser, for which one is forced to remain anchored to the ES5. This is to make way for all those browsers that now use ES6 as a minimum standard. It was time!

More CSS custom properties

This second update has also allowed the addition of a third novelty: the CSS custom properties, which will allow greater customization of the components made available by Bootstrap. These properties together with the use of SASS will greatly increase the possibilities.

Other news are:

Improved documentation

The documentation will be improved to increase usability for those who are starting to approach this framework but also for veterans who want to learn more.

Expanded color palette

More colors will be available within the standard palette that can be used with Bootstrap

Form controls customization

Now the form controls made available by Bootstrap will be completely customizable so that they can be used without affecting the HTML markup with very long class queues.

Enhanced grid system

There will be some small tricks and not big changes (as happened between versions 3 and 4 of the framework). The major examples are: a new grid tier (xxl), .gutter classes substituted by .g *, vertical spacing classes added, and the ability to nest .row classes within other .col- * classes

Utilities API for customization

A further inspiration for customization is certainly given by the utility system to extend Bootstrap, replacing functionality if necessary.

Final thoughts

It is certainly the most anticipated version of the framework, although it actually adds little in terms of major developments. As a side effect due to the removal of IE and JQuery support there will certainly be improved performance.

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