SEO meta tags for search engine optimization

The reachability of a website and its contents from search engines has become essential nowadays. To help search engines understand what our content can offer and what added value it can give, SEO meta tags come to our rescue. To do this we will add meta information within our page […]

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Mastering responsive images: srcset, picture, WebP

In today’s diverse device landscape, delivering optimized images for optimal performance and user experience is crucial. This article delves into the world of responsive images, equipping you with the knowledge and code examples to implement efficient solutions using srcset, sizes, the <picture> tag, and the versatile WebP format. Understanding the […]

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Native lazy loading for images

html native lazy loading

An excellent new attribute has been added that will avoid a series of problems of loading. For example, you are in a scrolling SPA (Single Page Application) with many background images. The browser will gradually download them when it needs. I’m talking about native lazy loading for images and usually […]

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Bootstrap 5 coming soon

Bootstrap 5 is coming soon

It is finally about to arrive. I’ve been waiting for it almost always. I’m talking about the new version of the bootstrap graphics library (Bootstrap 5). One of my favorites is definitely the first. Removed JQuery The improvements of this new version will be aimed at making it “future-proof”, especially […]

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Optimization of HTML code

Let’s make HTML code optimization. A faster site means more views and more satisfied users, who will reach the content they want faster. As a site grows, it can be increasingly difficult to maintain acceptable performance. What I propose today are a series of useful rules to pursue this purpose: […]

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