Making CSS hexagons

making css hexagons

I like the hexagons – it’s my favorite geometric shape. Not trivial as a circle can be, but not minimalist as are the forms “poorest” of angles, such as squares or triangles. Symmetry reigns supreme with them. This article is dedicated to all those people who are tired of border-radius […]

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Responsive Web: deep dive into CSS media queries

In the era of diverse devices and screen sizes, crafting beautiful and adaptable web experiences is crucial. Enter media queries, powerful tools within CSS and SCSS that allow you to tailor your styles based on specific device characteristics. This article delves into the world of media queries, empowering you to […]

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Bootstrap 5 coming soon

Bootstrap 5 is coming soon

It is finally about to arrive. I’ve been waiting for it almost always. I’m talking about the new version of the bootstrap graphics library (Bootstrap 5). One of my favorites is definitely the first. Removed JQuery The improvements of this new version will be aimed at making it “future-proof”, especially […]

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CSS vh and vw units for responsive web sites

CSS3 responsive design vh and vw

Let’s talk about the CSS VH and VW units.Today’s websites must adapt better and better to new generations of browsers due to the fact that there is no longer a single type of device on which our site can be viewed. There are now an infinite series of devices, including […]

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Smooth hover images

Smooth hover image

Today we will see how to provoke the smooth hover of images, that is when, going with the mouse on one image you see another one. This behavior is easy when talking about other types of objects such as div or text but it is a little more complicated in […]

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