Optimization of PHP code

A few tips to make your PHP code perform better. Like any language, PHP also needs some best practices to give the best of its potential. Writing more optimized code speeds up the generation of pages and lightens the load on your server, allowing you more computer acrobatics (for those […]

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CSS reset: cross-browser experience

Reset css

We have a series of best practices to fully explore the potential that CSS has. What I want to tell you about is the so-called CSS reset, a technique that allows you to improve the cross-browser properties of your layouts. Let’s take a step back to explain the utility of […]

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Create a site with Multi Language system

Here I am to show you a PHP script to be able to view your site in multiple languages. An alternative technique would be the “splitting of the site” on two separate folders of files (which can become too many to manage) at the expense of a fundamental point of […]

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CSS sprites tutorial and examples

css sprites images

Today I will illustrate a very useful technique for optimizing your web. This is the CSS sprites technique, used by many large sites (Google, YouTube, Yahoo ..) precisely because it speeds up page loading. When we call an url, the browser loads first the page and then, through other http […]

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