SEO meta tags for search engine optimization

The reachability of a website and its contents from search engines has become essential nowadays. To help search engines understand what our content can offer and what added value it can give, SEO meta tags come to our rescue. To do this we will add meta information within our page […]

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Nuxt typescript translate system

Nuxt translate system.

Often a multi-language application can be needed to be able to speak to a wider audience of people and we can use Nuxt translate system for it. It can always be useful to localize your application according to who you want to talk to, while still being able to read […]

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Angular Translate

Angular translate module

Dynamic labels can be generated, translated with the user’s language and/or language administration. All starts with the import of translation modules: Then generate our json with the translations of the labels: In our module we will add imports and a function to load an external file. In a component we […]

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Install Nuxt applications with Typescript

Vue Nuxt installation.

The Vue.js framework together with Nuxt is making its way among FE technologies for its compactness and ease of development. Today we’ll look at the basic recipe for building a Nuxt application with Typescript.Typescript is nothing more than Javascript’s big brother, which has more decisive ideas on data types and […]

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