Responsive Web: deep dive into CSS media queries

In the era of diverse devices and screen sizes, crafting beautiful and adaptable web experiences is crucial. Enter media queries, powerful tools within CSS and SCSS that allow you to tailor your styles based on specific device characteristics. This article delves into the world of media queries, empowering you to […]

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Footer on bottom for short contents

css Footer on bottom for short contents

In this article we will discover the rules for the Perfect Footer, that can adapt for all eventualities, a css trick for all. When you have a short content (that not fill the viewport) it stay at bottom of the page, leaving space between it and short content. When you […]

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CSS Gradients: Photoshop-like Transparency and others

CSS gradients offer a powerful way to create a Photoshop-like transparency background, replicating transparency effects and even surpassing Photoshop’s limitations. Get ready to dive into the vibrant world of CSS gradients and explore: Basic example A basic trick can be to show grey and white boxes. Transparency Tricks: Fading Away […]

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