SCSS/SASS include in Nuxt project

Sass include in Nuxt project.

Simple css styles are no longer enough when it comes to more complex projects.The linearity of the css is an obstacle compared to more complex structures, such as those provided for the compiled SCSS/SASS styles. To include custom scss in your project we can install sass-loader. The version of sass-loader needs to […]

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Typescript Component decorator (like Angular)

Typescript @Component decorator to Vue.js

Let’s first see what might be the reasons for wanting to include a Typescript Component decorator.In case you want to create a FE application developed in Typescript, often one of the main reasons is the fact that you come from applications in Angular, one of the most used frameworks when […]

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Nuxt typescript translate system

Nuxt translate system.

Often a multi-language application can be needed to be able to speak to a wider audience of people and we can use Nuxt translate system for it. It can always be useful to localize your application according to who you want to talk to, while still being able to read […]

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Install Nuxt applications with Typescript

Vue Nuxt installation.

The Vue.js framework together with Nuxt is making its way among FE technologies for its compactness and ease of development. Today we’ll look at the basic recipe for building a Nuxt application with Typescript.Typescript is nothing more than Javascript’s big brother, which has more decisive ideas on data types and […]

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