WordPress – Custom thumbnails – properly sized images

wordpress custom sized thumbnails

Today we will see the WordPress custom thumbnails. The loading speed of a site is largely due to the correct size and optimization of the images. It is always advisable to publish images and thumbnails of adequate size to consume less traffic on the data network and reduce loading times. […]

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Create a WordPress plugin

Wordpress - create a plugin

It is not uncommon to look for the perfect functionality for your blog/site in WordPress but not find it because you have too precise an idea of what you would like. It is in these cases that the possibility of infinitely extending WordPress comes to our rescue, adding features that […]

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Add and modify a primary menu with WordPress

wordpress menus

It is simple with WordPress to create and modify a menu. Go to the wordpress administration screen and search for Appearance > Menus. Once accessed you have 4 types of objects to be included in your menu: 1) Pages They are static custom pages created ad hoc. 2) Posts Individual […]

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