The power of icons: add Font Awesome to WordPress

Font Awesome is a popular icon library offering a vast collection of beautiful and scalable icons. Integrating it into your WordPress website can significantly enhance its visual appeal and user experience. This article delves into various methods for adding Font Awesome to your WordPress site, providing code examples and guiding […]

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Launch WordPress in local with Docker Compose

If you are here you are bored of the classic WAMPP or XAMPP to launch your WordPress installation locally but you want to use the new technologies made available by Docker Compose and containers. It may often be necessary to make changes or updates to the WordPress installation but it […]

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WordPress – Custom thumbnails – properly sized images

wordpress custom sized thumbnails

Today we will see the WordPress custom thumbnails. The loading speed of a site is largely due to the correct size and optimization of the images. It is always advisable to publish images and thumbnails of adequate size to consume less traffic on the data network and reduce loading times. […]

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A comprehensive guide to optimizing WordPress

In today’s fast-paced online world, website speed is crucial for user engagement and SEO ranking. This article delves into optimizing your WordPress website for maximum speed, providing practical tips and code examples to put into action. Understanding the Importance of PageSpeed for optimizing WordPress: Analyzing Your Current PageSpeed: Before diving […]

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Create a WordPress plugin

Wordpress - create a plugin

It is not uncommon to look for the perfect plugin/functionality for your blog/site in WordPress but not find it because you have too precise an idea of what you would like. It is in these cases that the possibility of infinitely extending WordPress comes to our rescue. We can add […]

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