Expose REST services with Drupal

Let’s create REST services with Drupal.You may need to export the power of Drupal to deliver content to multiple systems. This possibly even in multiple different technologies. In these cases it can be useful to use a more generic language to transmit this content, such as JSON.Drupal allows the delivery […]

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Create and add a new Drupal custom module

create and add a custom module

One of the best features of Drupal is the module system, which allows its extreme modularity and versatility on any occasion.This has allowed over the years the creation of hundreds of modules by groups of developers who carried out only once the basic tasks for the creation and maintenance of […]

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Drupal 7: Essential modules

Today I propose you a list of basic modules when you want to use Drupal 7 for the development of a portal. The article is designed for those who are beginners with this product and can be frightened by the myriad of contributions from the immense Drupalian community. CTools Reference: […]

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