Make a checkpoint system in Unity games

Often in level games, in very long levels, it can be useful that the user does not go back to the beginning of the game every time and has to re-face any monster already faced but respawns at the last registered checkpoint, with some of the parts already brought to […]

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Angular cascading recursive selects from tree nodes

Recursive selects from tree nodes

Today we will see recursive selects from tree nodes.Nothing proves the saying “if you want something done right, do it yourself” better than recursion.Recursion is one of my favorite topics. When a function is recursive, it finds in itself the strength to solve a task. We can also see recursion […]

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WordPress – Custom thumbnails – properly sized images

wordpress custom sized thumbnails

Today we will see the WordPress custom thumbnails. The loading speed of a site is largely due to the correct size and optimization of the images. It is always advisable to publish images and thumbnails of adequate size to consume less traffic on the data network and reduce loading times. […]

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Multiple nested guards on one route

angular multiple nested guards on one route

It may happen that sometimes a shared guard is needed between several components which however require further and different verifications.A possible solution in those cases may be to insert “matryoshka” Guards, making the focus of the work on one side and further checks on the other. In today’s recipe we […]

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Expose REST services with Drupal

Let’s create REST services with Drupal.You may need to export the power of Drupal to deliver content to multiple systems. This possibly even in multiple different technologies. In these cases it can be useful to use a more generic language to transmit this content, such as JSON.Drupal allows the delivery […]

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