The YAML format

yaml format

The YAML format (YML) is a language made especially for data, mainly used for configuration files. It has caught on in recent years together with languages such as XML or JSON. One of its major peculiarities is the possibility of writing the format by indenting the nesting of the various […]

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The JSON format, this unknown

Meta language JSON

It has happened to me many times that issues discussed and re-discussed a million times, came back into vogue as doubts, perhaps trivial but always dangerous, being able to give rise to unknown outputs. I’m talking about the very useful JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format, often useful in case of […]

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Angular Translate

Angular translate module

Dynamic labels can be generated, translated with the user’s language and/or language administration. All starts with the import of translation modules: Then generate our json with the translations of the labels: In our module we will add imports and a function to load an external file. In a component we […]

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