Sugar syntax in TS/JS: sweetening your code 🍨

In the vast realm of programming languages, syntax dictates the structure and clarity of your code. While both TypeScript and JavaScript offer various syntactic constructs, “sugar syntax” refers to concise shortcuts that improve readability and maintainability. This article explores the key sugar syntax elements in these languages, equipping you to […]

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Array functions in Javascript ES6

Let’s look at array functions today. One of the best features that the new javascript offers is the ability to work on lists of data in a few lines of code. We have them all, from mapping to searching or data aggregation. Many of the functions used, in addition to […]

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Speech recognition: let’s talk about

js speech recognition

Now with javascript you can do anything previously allowed only by heavy and complex desktop applications, let’s talk about speech recognition. A crazy example of one of these features is the ability of the browser to listen to us and understand what we are saying (with the due limits of […]

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Javascript custom array sorting functions

One of the most useful features that many languages offer is the possibility of sorting arrays and lists of elements in the most disparate ways. Let’s create our array sorting functions.Unlike more typed languages, in the case of Javascript arrays can have profoundly different types of elements, including primitives and […]

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Javascript exercise of random cards

An exercise of javascript random cards

It happened to me once to complete an interesting and curious javascript exercise of random cards. The request was as follows: ” Having a deck of French cards (consisting of 52 cards), 10 cards must be drawn (using the Math.random function). Of those decide the suit and number of each […]

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